Monthly Archives: September 2008

Halloween Shadow Puppets

Spooky new Halloween puppets are now available in the seasonal section of our Etsty shop. The four new sets (shown in order below) are: All Hallows Eve, Monster Mash, The Undead, and Creepy Critters.  There’s enough puppets to scare all your friends and neighbors!






The Battle of Trafalgar

These fun sets commemorating the Battle of Trafalgar are now up for sale on Etsy.  Set sail aboard the H.M.S. Victory with Vice-Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson and re-create one of the most inspiring naval battles of all time. England expects that every man will do his duty!


Wicked Puppets



We’ve been busy working on puppets with the spookiest shadows.  Monsters, creepy crawlies and worse will be haunting our Etsy shop soon!

Once upon a time…

..the Fairytale Court I set of shadow puppets went up for sale on Etsy!



We think your little Lords and Ladies will enjoy the Jester’s antics, and will rule their new Kingdom wisely.