Shadow Puppet Creator Kits

Invite your friends over for a puppet-making party.  You supply the drinks and scissors, we supply the all the fixings for creating a ton of great puppets.  Which puppet will win first prize?  Your cousin Marco’s Giant Slug, your neighbor Chrissy’s Killer Robot, or you daughter Olive’s Napoleon?  Tack up a screen and let all three duke it out.


This kit includes 10 sheets of laminated paper (5 colored and 5 black), 20 sticks, and 40 brads for making joints if you want to get fancy.  Also included are tip sheets for creating your puppets and shadow puppet theater.  What are you waiting for?  There are puppets to cut!


One response to “Shadow Puppet Creator Kits

  1. marilynschnell

    I love these puppet stencils as I am a big fan of cutting paper into dolls, trees, etc….This is such a fun activity – really gets some imagination And action going…What is more fun than seeing Your puppet up on the wall or on the sheet. Thanks.

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